Padjelanta 2001
These are pictures from a hike in (almost) three different national parks, Stora Sjöfallet where we started, Sarek which we really never went into, just touch the border and the last one Padjelanta, in which we finished our trip.
Leaving Gothenburg Tuesday August 21:th. Oskar at the trainsstation. We went by train to Luleå, my hometown, from where we continued by car.

During the cartrip on the 22:nd, between Luleå and Ritsem we passed Kåbdalis, a small village. The sky had very beautiful colors, so we stop and admired it and took some pictures of it.

(23:rd) Boattrip over Akkajaure
The first bridge after Akka STF cabin. (STF, Sveriges Turist Förening, Swedens Tourist Union)
Same stream as on the picture above, but it came out really strange. The colors are came out way off.
The same bridge but from the other side.
Lunchtime at a restplace near a creek.
Passing yet another bridge near the place where the three national parks meet.
The border where the three national parks meet. Sarek in the southeast, Padjelanta in the west and Stora Sjöfallet in the north.
Our first camp. We found a really nice spot, just above a stream. This is my old tent, a Haglöfs Twinpeak which I do not have anymore. It was a nice tent, but a little to small for my taste. The absid was to small to allow cooking and keeping all the things (backpacks) inside at the same time.
A lemming(lämmel). The little animals were everywhere. The rumour was that 2001 was a lemming year, and I cannot do anything but agree...