Three Border Junction - Treriksröset (Day 1)
These pictures are from when Oskar and I went to the Three Border Junction i the fall of 2000. We left Gothenburg late at Wednesday evening, and were back in Gothenburg on Sunday evening after driving about 3900 kilometers, a little bit more than 2400 miles. Some said we were nuts, but I think it was a fun trip, and I think Oskar do too.
This was our first stop on the way after leaving Gothenburg. Here we had a meal at the "E3 Baren". Oskar enjoys the food while talking to his mother.

Late in the evening. We wanted to have a picture of one of the Inlandsvägen signs. But it was so dark that I had to use my flashlight to see where to aim my camera. Oskar at right.

In Orsa real late at night. The town was all quiet. We stopped for a cup of coffee.