Celebrating the new Millenium in Israel (PAGE 4)


Sion Gate

On the way to the Wailing Wall and the Doom of the Rock we walked in ancient alleys. It felt as we could hear the history talk to us.

The Wailing Wall

First Malin and Camilla at the female side..

..and the the guys at the male side. We had to cover our heads and for that we got small paperhats.
Malin and Camilla standing in front of The Doom of the Rock. This was quite a magnificent building. After three attempts we finally got there.
Church of Maria Magdalena in the background. here we are standing just outside the Doom.
Ulf smoking the waterpipe. This was a arabic custom, were the tobacco, which was really mild, had a strong taste of different kinds of fruit.
Drink evening. This evening we had a little competition about who could make the best tasting drink. I didn´t win....
At nightclub/restaurant Shanka. This was the last day for Ulrik as he was going home the next day.
What are they talking about....they seem to have fun though.
This is one of the "yard cats" that lived at Camilla and Ulfs yard. It got the name Loppis (Flea)...it didn´t have any though. Malin really liked him (or her), and it came everytime she called out Loppis.