Three Border Junction - Treriksröset (Day 3)

The Arctic Circle. Of course we had to stop and look arounf a little bit. I have passed by there so many times that I never thinks much of it.

On the lonely road between the villages of Övre Soppero and Nedre Soppero. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere...
On the Finnish side of the border. Oskars first visit to this neighbour country. Here we are real close to our goal: Kilpisjärvi.
After parking the car at the parking lot, we inspected the map over the area. In the summer time there is a boat that makes trips over the lake, but this late in the fall it had stopped going for the season.
So, instead of taking the boat and saving 8 kilometers (5 miles) in each direction we had to walk. In each direction it was 11 km (7 miles).

Sofar it is still quite light. Later on it got real dark, making it hard to see where to put your feet.

Oskar trying not to get his feet wet.
A waterfall on our way.

Here we are a bit high. Real high mountain like.


By now it had started to get dark.

Finally we are at the Three Border Junction. Not much to see. The monoument was quite ugly actually. But hey, now we have been there.