Celebrating the new Millenium in Israel (PAGE 2)


Morning of New Years Eve. Eating breakfast out on the town. Ulrik joined us the evening before

The YMCA building in Jerusalem. Its high tower was a great landmark that we used to localize ourselves when walking around.
Ulrik standing in the park where we decided to celebrate the Millenium. Later it would show that it was a good decision. We had a great view of the wall around the Old City.
After the walk on the town, Ulf, Ulrik and I went to a finnish sauna to take a bath. After that we stopped at the Haas promenade, where You get a great view over Jerusalem. The left picture is over the Old City and the right is over the Mount of Olives.
Ulf as the host, pooring up the wine.
Going at it.
A good cigar after dinner is always nice.
For Ulrik it maybe were too much dinner.....

the Millenium change

This is from the park we located earlier that day, facing Jerusalems Old City. Alot of people from many different countries, a perfect spot to celebrate from.